The Grand Avenue Pet Hospital was founded in February 2016 by three vets who wanted to make a difference. Having worked in a large pet hospital before, they wanted to provide real premium care and individual, outstanding service to their patients.

“We are vets because we love pets, and in our little hospital, we can take plenty of time for every patient,” Dr. Frank says.

A continuous increase in the number of steady customers soon proved the success of the animal-friendly strategy. A few weeks after the opening, an X-Ray device was acquired. The owners started improving the hospital every week, – with new medical devices, better customer service, and continuous extension of the facilities. The number of staff increased to eight in the first year of business. By the end of 2016, the hospital was well established in the neighbourhood, had launched a pet shop, had gained a fabulous reputation for pet grooming, and even operated a successful hamster farm.

Although growth continued in 2017, the three doctors still take plenty of time for each pet. On busy days and for extraordinary cases, they are supported by carefully selected specialists from other pet hospitals. Since mid 2017, a regular training program ensures high quality of treatment by all staff members. In November 2017, the management celebrated the grand opening of the cat hotel, featuring six top modern, extra large cat rooms.